Rita Guest house has prepared a tour programs/packages, so that you can explore and enjoy Ethiopia, a country with 13 months of sunshine. Here are some of our tour packages with short descriptions by leaving the rest for you. Reserve Now ,we are always ready to serve you!

Addis Ababa Historic Route-Land   Rift Valley
Debrazeit, Nazareth, Sodere Semien Mountain Trekking   Historic Route - Air
Debre Libanos Harar/Dire Dawa   Omo Valley Safari
Blue Nile Gorge Awash National Park   Ambo & Wonchi Crater Lake
Melka Kunture & Addadi Mariam Bale National Park    

Tour Code: Rita-01
Transport: Land
Program: Addis Ababa City Tour
Duration: Full Day

Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia. It was founded in the late 19th century by his majesty Menelik II. It is home for Organization of Africa (OAU), Economic Commision for Africa (ECA) and many other International organizations. The city is located on the mountain slope with enchanting sites and graceful eucalyptus trees. It is surrounded by, majestic and bewitching mountains and elegant hills. Addis Ababa offers a lot of interesting sights to offer for its visitors.  

· Menelik Mausoleum.

The Menelik mausoleum was built in 1911 and situated in the enclaves of the old palace in the old Baata church. This mausoleum yields numerous parchments, scrolls and other vernacular objects. It serves as tombs of Emperor Menelik, his wife Empress Taitu and their daughter Empress Zewditu.

· St. George Cathedral.
St. George Cathedral was built 1896 in the traditional octagonal shape and was reconstructed 1905. It is where Haile Selassie I was coroneted.

· The National Museum

This museum houses numerous antiquities and various historical relics, archaeological, pale ontological objects including the 3.5 million years old skeleton of Lucy.

· Mountain Entoto

To have a complete panoramic view of Addis both by night and day time, Mount Entoto would be the most appropriate and strategic location. The view of Addis from Entoto would allure and stupefying. It is a breath taking, a remarkable panorama. Also, there is a church of Saint Mary that was built in 1885.

· The largest open market in Africa (Merkato)

Popularly known, as “Merkato” is one of the largest open market of its kind in all Africa. It has a great number of trading sectors. Each sector has numerous stalls and booths that display a great variety of agricultural, industrial, handicraft and other products.

· Africa Hall

The first African heads of state conference center and head office of the O.A.U. was built in 1963. Of interest in this building are the strikingly executed stained glass windows, one of the finest work of the Honorable Artist Laureate Afewerke Tekle, depicting the Africa of yesterday, today and tomorrow in its struggle for freedom.

· Trinity Cathedral

Trinity Cathedral, the largest and most magnificent of all the churches in Addis Ababa, was built in 1941. It is highly ornamented with carvings and mosaics and other artistic works. The paintings of the saints and the apostles on stained glasses are worthwhile seeing.

Tour Code: Rita-02
Transport: Land
Program: Debrazeit, Nazareth, Sodere
Duration: Full Day



    Debrezeit is only about an hour’s drive south east of Addis Ababa. At an altitude of 1900meters, it enjoys a warm climate. It is surrounded with series of lovely Crater-Lakes that offer short boat ride and bird watching. The scenic, enchanting Lake Hora can be enjoyed from the terrace of the Hora Ras Hotel.


    Nazareth is smaller city compared to Addis. It’s warm climate and beautiful flowers are very pleasing to visitors. It has international standard hotels that can deliver outstanding guest care and service. The nightly breeze in Nazareth is mesmerizing and not easily forgotten by visitors 



    Sodore is located 126 Kms'. South east of Addis Ababa. It is a very popular resort with new hotel complex, Olympic size Swimming pools, spas and enlivening climate. Sodore takes advantage of the volcanic mineral springs, which bubble, in several spots. The nearby Awash River lends its reverie forest in the form of giant shade trees. 

Tour Code: Rita-03
Transport: Land
Program: Debre Libanos Monastery
Duration: Full Day

Drive 100kms. North of Addis Ababa to Debrelibanos on the main road and 4km off the Main road is the old Debrelibanos Monastery. It was constructed during the time of the Restoration of Solomonic Dynasty (13th century) and there is a new church built in the 19th century by the Emperor Haileselassie I. After visiting the church and the monastery, visit the 16th century Portuguese Bridge. The endemic mammal Gelada Baboon and the Lammergeyer as well as Rappels Vultures are all habitats of the area. Picnic lunch en-route and drive back to Addis late in the afternoon.

Tour Code: Rita-04
Transport: Land
Attraction: Blue Nile Gorge
Duration: Full Day

Drive 225 Kms. North of Addis Ababa en-route visiting the Debre Libanos Monastery. This beautiful and majestic gorge's is sometimes compared to the Grand Canyon of the USA. Its natural beauty is the most captivating. Picnic lunch on either side of the Blue Nile River. Afternoon drive back to Addis to arrive before dusk.

Tour Code: Rita-05
Transport: Land
Attraction: Melka Kunture & Addadi Mariam
Duration: Full Day

Drive south west of Addis Ababa and after 50kms is Melka Kunture. Melka Kunture is the nearest archeological site where fossils of prehistoric age (nearly 2 million yrs. Old) have been discovered. Stone tools dating 1-5 million years back are other discoveries of this area. 40 Kms drive from this point Addadi Mariam Church can be reached. This church is believed to date back to the times of Lalibela and gives a good indication of the Lalibela rock hewn churches of the 12th Century. Picnic lunch en-route. Early afternoon drive back to Addis

Tour Code: Rita-06
Transport: Land
Attraction: Ambo & Wonchi Crater Lake
Duration: Full Day

Ambo is found 125kms west of Addis Ababa. Ambo is a weekend resort for swimmers and hikers. The main attractions of this area are Wonchi Crater Lake, Gouder River Falls and the Vineyard. After lunch enjoy the view around the Crater Lake with rich vegetation and wide variety of bird species. Late afternoon drive back to Addis.

Tour: Rita -07
Transport: Air
Program: Historic North (Bahir Dar, Gondar, Lalibela, & Axum)
Duration: 5 Nights/6 Days

Day 01: Fly to Bahir Dar and transfer to Tana Hotel. Afternoon enjoy boat ride over Lake Tana to Zege Peninsula to visit the 17th century monastery of Ura Kidane Mhiret.
Day 02: Early Morning drive to the Blue Nile Falls (35 Kms east of Bahir Dar) to enjoy the wonderful waterfall. Afternoon, sightseeing of Bahir Dar town that includes the open-air market, the source of Blue Nile river and view of the Bahir Dar from a hill.
Day 03: Fly to Gondar. Afternoon visit the 17th century castles built when Gondar was the capital of Ethiopia. And further visit of Fassil bath, Debre Birhan Trinity church that is known for it s age of old mural paintings, and the Fellasha (Black Jews) village.
Day 04: Fly to Lalibela. Afternoon visit the 12th century Rock Hewn Churches, a live testament for monolithic project.
Day 05: Fly to Axum. Afternoon visit the Axum Stelae, Kaleb's tomb, Queen of Sheba's palace, archeological museum, and St. Mary Church where the original ark of covenant is housed.
Day 06: Fly back to Addis.

Tour Code: Rita -08
Transport: Land
Program: Historic North (Lalibela, Axum, Gondar, & Bahir Dar)
Duration: 11 Nights/12 Days

Day 01: Drive to Kombolcha visiting on the way the breath taking sceneries of Tarma Ber and Debre Sina. Picnic lunch en-route.
Day 02: In the morning start driving to Lalibela through the marvelous landscapes Visiting en-route the Genete Mariam rock hewn Church.
Day 03: Visit group I of the rock hewn Church. After lunch visit the group II of the Church and Nun's village.
Day 04: Drive to Mekelae through the scenic beauty of the Alamata Kobo mountain range. Picnic lunch en-route.
Day 05: Drive to Axum visiting en-route Debre Damo Monastery and Yeha Temple.
Day 06: Full day visit of the Axum that includes the Archeological Museum, ruins of Queen of Sheba's Palace and Bath, the Stele or Obelisk Square, Kaleb's Tomb, the St. Mary Church where the original Ark of Covenant is said to be housed and others recently found Archeological sites.
Day 07: Drive to Gondar through the breath taking Semien Mountains Ranges. Picnic lunch en-route.
Day 08: Visit the 17th century castles built by different emperors at the time when Gondar was the capital of Ethiopia, the Church of Debre Birhan Selassie with its mural painting, Fassil's pool used still for Timket (Epiphany) festival on Jan 19, and the Fellasha (black Jews) village.
Day 09: Drive to Bahar Dar. Afternoon enjoy boat ride on Lake Tana to the Zege peninsula where you visit the Ura Kidane Mehret Monastery one of the several in the area containing frescoes and elaborate painted ceiling.
Day 10: Drive 35km east of the town to visit Blue Nile Falls set in rolling countryside quiet unspoiled by tourism and an enchanting spectacle. In the afternoon you have time to explore the town's open, basket and fish markets, the beginning of the Blue Nile River and the view point by the Late Emperor's Places where you can clearly see the river coming out from the Lake.
Day 11: Drive to Debre Markos enjoying en-route the enrolling countryside.
Day 12: Drive back to Addis on the way visiting the Blue Nile Gorge and the 13th Century monastery of Debre Libanos.

Tour Code: Rita -09
Transport: Air + Land
Program: Semien Mountain Trekking
Duration: 8 Night/9 Days

Day 01: Fly to Gondar. Afternoon visit the 17th century castles built when Gondar was the capital of Ethiopia. And further visit of Fassil bath, Debre Birhan Trinity church that is known for it s age of old mural paintings, and the Fellasha (Black Jews) village.
Day 02: Drive to Sankaber through the beautiful sceneries of Kosoye and Amba Giorgis.
Day 03: Trek to Chenek to the village of Amba Ras before zigzagging uphill toward Argin village and Chenk Camp (the spectacular viewpoint and place to spot wildlife).
Day 04: Early morning trek to Ambikwa enjoying the view of the vast valley of the Mishesa.
Day 05: Trek to Ras Dejen (4030m) and return to Maji.
Day 06: Trek to Amdir.
Day 07: Trek back to Chenek en-route climb up a valley to Ras Bawit (4430), nice viewpoint. O/N Camping.
Day 08: Trek back to Sankaber. Drive back to Gondar.
Day 09: Fly back to Addis.

Tour Code: Rita -10
Transport: Land
Program: Harar/Dire Dawa
Duration: 1 Night/2 Days

Day 01: Fly to Dire Dawa and drive 50kms to Harar. In the afternoon visit the Rimbaud house, the Harari Ethnographic Museum, and the colorful open market. In the evening visit the hyena man feeding the hyena.
Day 02: Drive back to Dire Dawa en-route visiting the vibrant Chat market at Awdaye town and also the camel market and open market in Dire Dawa. Afternoon fly back to Addis.

Tour Code: Rita - 11
Transport: Land
Program: Awash National Park
Duration: 1 Night/2 Days

Day 01: Drive 255 East of A/A to Awash National Park. The road passes through Debre Zeit, Nazareth, & Methara towns. The park shelters several wildlife and more than 400 Species of birds. Hippos and crocodiles are commonly observed strolling around theAwash River.
Day 02: After breakfast more game viewing and visit the Awash waterfalls. After lunch, easy drive back to Addis.

Tour Code: Rita - 12
Transport: Land
Program: Bale National Park
Duration: 4 Nights/5 days

Day 01: Drive early morning to Wondogenet via the Rift Valley to enjoy the hot spring and beautiful nature.
Day 02: Drive to Dinsho via Shasemene for game viewing and walk about at Bale National Park. Continue to Goba.
Day 03: Climb the Sanneti Plateau early and drive back to Goba.
Day 04: Full day excursion to Sof-Omar Natural Caves.
Day 05: Drive back to Addis Ababa through Asela town having lunch at Nazareth, Southern Ethiopia


Tour Code: Rita -13
Transport: Land
Program: Rift Valley (Langano, Wondogenet, Zeway, & Awasa)
Duration: 1 Night/2 Days

Day 01: Drive 270Kms. southward of Addis to Awasa visiting en-route the Rift Valley lakes of Zeway, Abyata, & Shala. Picnic lunch en-route.
Day 02: Morning visit the interesting fish market on the shore of lake Awasa and continue to Wondogenet which is a famous resort area surrounded by thick forest that are homes of wide variety of bird species. Relax, swimming or taking bath in the natural hot spring. Afternoon drive to Langano and have lunch at the Bekele Molla hotel. Drive back to Addis.

Tour Code: Rita- 14
Transport: Land
Program: Omo Valley Safari
Duration: 10 Nights/9 days

Day 01: Drive to Arbaminch through the Rift Valley Lakes enjoying the scenic beauty.
Day 02: Drive to Jinka en-route enjoying the Giddole, Konso, Tesmay, Elbore and Ari tribes who are adorned with their cultural apparel. And further more driving through the village and market of Bena tribes.
Day 03: Early morning drive through the natural forests and Mursi village visiting their astonishing culture. After lunch, drive to Mago National Park and game viewing.
Day 04: Drive to Murulle en-route visiting the Karo tribes in Dus and Korecho also in the savannah woodland hartebeest, Oryx, and Ostrich. O/N Camping.
Day 05: Drive to Turmi on the way visiting the Geleb tribe at Omorate.
Day 06: Drive to Dimeka market to see various tribes at one place. The Benna, Ari, and Hammer tribes with their unique decoration can be easily identified here.
Day 07: Drive to Konso visiting en-route the Weyto market and Konso village, their astonishing age old terracing practices..
Day 08: Morning visit of the Konso market and afternoon drive to Arbaminch.
Day 09: Morning drive to the Nech Sar National Park which is situated between Lake Abyaya. Here you will see the endemic swayne's hartebeests, burchell zebra, greater and lesser kudu, grants gazelle and other plain games. Afternoon boat ride over Lake Chamo to enjoy viewing the famous crocodiles and hippopotamus.
Day 10: Drive to Wondogenet on your way visiting the Dorze tribe at Chencha. Enjoy the hot spring at Wondogenet and swimming pool. The surrounding vegetation and favorable climate offers great relaxation.
Day 11: Drive back to Addis. On you way visit the Crater Lake around DebreZeit town.




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